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Kevin A.   "Out picking up my brother from work listening to Erin! If I never said it before, this is a homerun!".

Jud P.   "I was in Nine Irish Brothers Saturday night and knew from the first song I wasn't leaving till you did. Throwing in Paradise and Sam Stone made it a night I won't soon forget. Yours is a life well lived when you bring that much joy to complete strangers from Kentucky. Well done...".

Phil W.   "Brendan Loughrey's new CD ERIN is an excellent album with more emotional depth than you'll find in the Billboard Top 40 combined, I promise. Excellent musicianship, lyrics you hear AND feel and a genuine honesty that's missing from the majority of today's mass-produced, pasteurized mediocrity. Do yourself a favor and look ERIN up on CD Baby, Amazon or iTunes. You won't be sorry."

Kevin P.   "Downloading "Erin" as I type! Can't wait to listen to it!"

Dan Mc F.   "Brendan, I just got my copy of Erin from CD Baby, thanks for making this! It's a great album, sounds like you put a fair amount of your life and experiences into it. I've enjoyed listening to it."

Howard M.   (BEFORE) "I just bought Brendan Loughrey's new album Erin off iTunes. Cant wait to crank it up!".

Howard M.   (AFTER) "Guys - This is seriously killer. You need to get it."

Jessica A.   "The new album is amazing!"

Wendy K.   "Great songs from the new CD!!!"

Tracy M.   "The Grammy's made me sick, I wanted to do an ass clown Kanye move and say Brendan deserves the awards for all the categories. Please let me know the minute your new CD is available to purchase. Peace." review.   "Beautiful vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and tunes that reach out and grab you. Highly, highly recommend checking out this album."

Marty B.   "Got it last night! Listened to it and I am impressed. I like it! Good job Brendan!"